Download Odin Flash Tool Latest Version 2018 (All Versions)

Download Odin Flash Tool Latest Version 2018 (All Versions): Samsung is one of the largest smartphones manufacturer company which is continuously providing stock firmware for their devices and almost all the advanced Android users used to flash those updates. As compared to other phones, Samsung devices are easy to flash ROMs or even root them.

The most popular and easy way to do various tasks on Samsung devices is the Odin flash tool which is specially developed by Samsung. If you are using any Samsung android device then I hope that you may already know about Odin flashing tool. Actually, Odin is a Windows-based ROM flashing tool for Samsung smartphones and tablets, that enables you to Official OTA Updates, flash custom ROMs and kernels etc on Samsung devices manually.

If your Samsung android phone is soft bricked then you can easily unbrick your phone, root, unroot, unlock the bootloader, update as well as go back to stock ROM with this handy tool. Odin detects a Samsung device only when it’s in Download Mode and it can flash files with .tar or .tar.md5 extension. In this guide, we have given the direct links to Download Odin Flash Tool Latest Version 2018 (All Versions) which is a must-have tool for Samsung Android device’s owners.

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Odin Samsung Flash Tool

Things To Remember:

Keep in mind that the Odin tool we use is actually the leaked version of the official version. Most Samsung users might need to use Odin at some point of time for different purposes.

The latest version of Odin tool v3.10.7, so it is recommended to use this one. If the latest version doesn’t work then try v3.9 but you need the most stable version of Odin flashing tool then use Odin v3.9 (For KitKat and Older).You can download Samsung USB Drivers to install on your PC from this link.

Samsung’s Odin tool is working with Windows-based PC but if you are a Mac / Linux user, then you’ll need to have Heimdall or the Java version of the Odin tool.

Odin Flash Tool Features:

  • Flash Stock Rom: With the help of the Odin tool, you can easily flash stock ROMs on your Samsung device. Also, you can get back your device if anything wrong happens such as in the case of bootloop.
  • Flash Custom Rom: Odin enables you to flash all custom ROMs on your Samsung Smartphone.
  • Flash Recovery: You can flash the recovery on your Samsung device.
  • Flash Root Packages: Odin allows you to flash root packages like CF-Auto-Root on your phone.
  • Flash Kernels: Flash Kernels, custom mods and much more.

Download Odin Flash Tool Latest Version 2018 (All Versions)

Download Odin flash tool from the given links:

Download Odin v1.30.0

Download Odin v1.70.0

Download Odin v1.82.0

Download Odin v1.83.0

Download Odin v1.84.0

Download Odin v1.85.0

Download Odin v1.86.0

Download Odin v1.87.0

Download Odin v2.10.0

Download Odin v3.07.0

Download Odin v3.09.0

Download Odin v3.10.0

Download Odin v3.10.5

Download Odin v3.10.6

Download Odin v3.10.7

Download Odin 3.11.1

Download Odin 3.12.3 (Latest updated version)

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