How to Transfer SMS from Android to PC

How to Transfer SMS from Android to PC: Sending and receiving text messages has been very convenient and easier with the latest Android smartphones. The large and wide screens really give you the better way to read and write messages with a certain easement. Moreover, you can send and receive pictures and audios with the latest Android smartphones which were not possible a decade ago.

Now, if you are one of those persons who sends and receives text messages regularly on their daily life then it is understandable that you have a huge collection of text messages that you have received from your loved ones, friends, families and office workers. What’s more is that the banks and hospitals also send medical records and bank statements through text messages these days.

So, it is really very important to have a backup of your text message collection on your computer so that you can recover them back in case your smartphone gets stolen and starts behaving abnormally and accidentally deletes all the text messages from your phone. Android smartphones can be very handy but at the same time, they are very easily malfunctioned that may cause data loss on your phone. So, to avoid such disasters where you have the risk to lose your SMS collection, it is a smart idea to keep a backup of your SMS collection on your PC.

How to Transfer SMS from Android to PC

In this guide, we will show you how to transfer SMS from Android to PC using TunesBro Android Manager.

About TunesBro Android Manager

Android Manager is a fabulous and efficient desktop program developed by TunesBro team to manage your entire Android smartphone from your personal computer. It is very powerful and litre in size and gives you the ability to backup your Android smartphone including messages, contacts, music, pictures, chat histories, etc. to your computer and restore them back if required in future. It is one solution to your whole Android smartphone issues.

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Top Benefits:

  • Transfer all data from your smartphone to PC and vice versa. It supports transferring all sort of file types such as text messages, contacts, music, pictures, videos and other data types.
  • Use your Android smartphone directly from PC including downloading and installing apps from Google Play Store.
  • It has inbuilt desktop SMS assistant that helps to send and receive text messages from your desktop computer. Also, you can read and delete messages directly from your PC. In short, control your entire SMS collection from your PC.
  • Transfer messages from your Android smartphone to PC.
  • Delete and clean useless junk and garbage files to make more space on your smartphone.
  • Optimise your Android phone to boost up its performance.
  • Supported in Windows and Mac systems.

How to Transfer SMS from Android to PC with Android Manager:

Step 1. Install the program on your PC and launch it to see the advantages of using this program.

Step 2. It has many features that you can hover around but to transfer SMS from your phone to PC, click on “SMS” from the left sidebar and the program should display your SMS collection.

Step 3. Now from the top bar, click on “Export” and choose the folder where you wish to save your text messages.

Step 4.  The program offers two kinds of formats to save your SMS collection, either choose XML or Text files format and click on “Save”.

That’s it. You may now open the destination folder and can check all the text messages saved on your computer.


In this guide, we just demonstrated how easy it to back SMS to your computer using TunesBro Android Manager. This program also offers to backup and restore your phone which is very crucial for every smartphone user and it gives you the ability to control your entire phone from the computer which is very convenient. If you have any issue using this program then don’t forget to contact the support to get the earlier assistant.

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